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You are not addicted, but you are addicted!

This article was written based on studying the experience of people from different regions around the world. You may or may not like this, for me, it is not a problem. This article has no intention to hurt anyone's feelings or lifestyle. It is purely a theory, it can be right or wrong. Without any further due, let's get into the article.

As you could see, the title has no literal meaning to the content in the article, if you are not an addict, if you are not fond of porn movies, simply if you do not have any problem with porn or any addiction, you need not read this article. This article is all about the effect of addictions. Well, there are a lot of addictions that ruin our lives, also there are a few addictions that are some kind of helpful for us to live a good life. In this article, we are going to discuss a certain type of addiction that we usually not considered an addiction, but it is an addiction. Porn is such a kind of addiction, music is such a type of addiction, even social media can become such an addiction to you. I will try to explain my views on its cause, effect, and solution. But before getting started, we have to name this certain type of addiction, let's call it anonymous addiction.

What causes anonymous addiction?

The reason is nothing but lack of awareness, meaning lack of awareness about the surroundings, family, friends, society, spirituality, love, care and the list goes on. Lack of discipline is one of the other important reasons, for example, there was a time we used to pray before eating food but nowadays, it is important to post it on social media. I'm not talking about social media marketing, I'm talking about regular people's behavior. Likewise, there are so many things we lack discipline and that causes the negative energy around us that eventually leads to the beautiful way of addiction. The other major reason is loneliness, even though people have jobs, money even friends, they are very lonely in deep. Loneliness is the reason that strengthens your addiction. If you have any of these reasons or if you are one of the victims of these, you are surrounded by a huge amount of negativity that will not allow you to get off these addictions. There can be a lot more reasons as well, but I found these are the major ones.

What is the effect of anonymous addiction?

I will explain using porn here when you are sad, you want to watch one, when you are happy you have to do the same. When you are in a struggle or in a good mood you have to watch it again and again, but you don't feel it as you are addicted to it. The most dangerous effect is anger, I call it hidden anger because your anger is not shown to the other people, the anger is within you but what others will see is your unmannerly attitude, dissatisfaction or laziness, etc. Hidden anger is exhibited when you are denied to access the anonymous addiction. The major problem is you will feel yourself not up to the mark, but the people whom you interact with will not be able to find any problem. Slowly you will degrade in all parts of your life. You will be at a point where you will be confused enough not to differentiate between need and addiction, that is the negative beauty of anonymous addiction.

What is the possible solution?

Honesty is the best principle, so I'm going, to be honest with you there is no possible solution, unless and until you replace it with a good addiction before it becomes your habit. You can check yourself, are you kind of person who is the victim of anonymous addiction. If you think you are, you can start changing it by getting enough awareness about the people, society, and your loved ones around you. Sometimes you should consider the people surrounding you are more important than you, my point is being selfless will help you to get rid of the anonymous addiction. If you try meditation or any other stuff to solve the puzzle of anonymous addiction, it will not work. But if you use those stuff to become selfless and self-aware, then that will help you to get out of the maze of anonymous addiction.

If there is any evil in life that is anonymous addiction, be smart enough to figure it out and throw it away at the right time.

Thank you

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