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We only see what we're looking at.

We know the best teacher is life itself. Recently, life has taught me something very interesting and useful. The moment I realized the lesson I was surprised. Because it is so true. The outcome of that lesson was even more useful to me that I will share with you all in this article.

The lesson is nothing but the title of this article. We only see what we wanted to see. I would take an instance from my life to describe it. I'm not a big fan of aptitude tests and stuff, even though I feel fun in doing it, I believe logic and analytics will only give you the desired result only if you are fundamentally strong. Anyways, I was preparing for some aptitude tests that time I used to watch a lot of aptitude videos on YouTube and I used to search for aptitude books also Whatever I do will give me some take for my test preparations. The test was easy I got good grades and the test was over. The thing is while I was preparing for the test, the video suggestion, the people I search in social media, the books I read all have some relations with the test I'm preparing. When the test got over I switch back to my usual stuff. You guessed right, there is no more suggestions, people or articles related to the test I'm seeing. The moment I switched back to my usual routine, I'm not seeing even a single thing related to the aptitude tests. The same thing goes with movies. I used to watch a lot of movies, especially Hollywood movies, I am able to predict even twist in the plot of the movies and whatever I see around my world is related to movies. When I reduced my movie watching time and stuff the environment changed. People changed, suggestions changed. Then I realized I'm only seeing things that I wanted to see. That is so true. I realized this is the same fact which is leading my life as well. In my life I'm only seeing things I wanted to see. I'm only getting things I wanted to get I'm only seeing problems that I spend time on thinking about it. It was an on spot eye-opener for me. I realized if I want to achieve my dreams or goals I have to look where I'm supposed to look if I like it or not.

The biggest take on this lesson is it is very easy to achieve our goal if we are spending time to the things we want. It doesn't matter the thing is materialistic or non-materialistic. I have read in so many books that A man is what he thinks and believes. That is true but the point we might miss we are not looking at the right direction, and you should understand one thing you only see what you wanted to see or what you're looking at. So, when you imagine and feed your unconscious mind, you must be willing to spend time or look into the right things in the right direction because you only see what you wanted to see or simply if you want something, and you are looking something else for your beliefs you are seeing something you wanted to see. Just like my aptitude test preparation you know.

In conclusion, feed your subconscious what you want and look into appropriate things then you will see what you want. If you are an aimless person also you will be seeing things in life you are looking at. So be truthful and target oriented then look what you want to get what you want.

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