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The Search Theory

We are living in the world of success, lots of people always talk about success, myself love to explore the possibilities and different meaning of human life success. We have seen people become legends, we have seen revolutionists, game changers, inspirational stories of everything, every day. Furthermore, we know the opportunities presented by life, the number of choices we have, etc. we have read so many books, articles, we have seen so many YouTube videos etc. about it. We know what is life. We are ambitious, we have targets, goals and most of us works really hard to get the respective goals. But still sometimes we fail, we regret, we lose. We move away from goal, sometimes we forget what we are doing, why we are doing? Sometimes we felt life has no meaning, feels like life is not moving. We might feel depressed, These things happens in life.

The question is do you ever wonder why this is happening? Why this all sort of chaos? Why? Why? Why? The answer is not complicated, we will understand once we finish reading this article.

To find the answer first, we will check what are the basic requirement for a successful life or simply a happy life. I hope you already know the answer and that is hope, love, determination, goal, positive attitude, healthy subconscious mind etc. we know these stuff but even though we have all these things we followed the right path we might feel the same stagnant effect in life. Felt like nothing is achieved. Nothing great happened. When we think of something all we can see is problems without any solution. Even though we are self-aware, motivated and learning, in our life we feel so small and life is stuck. The problem is not with love, hope or any other stuff of life. The problem is we are missing a small thing, a small process and that process is search.

You may wonder what the hell is this guy talking about. I'm talking simple naked truth here. Search is the element we miss in our life. Any failure, any chaos, any trouble in life is happening because we are not giving importance to search. No book or video will tell you the importance of search in life. Searching is the process that glues all other process together. The love, care, passion, healthy subconscious mind everything is of no use if you are not searching or not fall in love with process of searching. If you have a habit of searching your life will not be stagnant because it is common sense that for searching something we need to move. When you define your life or goals it must possess the door for search otherwise you either end up in failure or you give up and deviate from what you want.

Let's take an example to understand further, consider you wanted to start something, and you started with your idea with your knowledge, you may flourish or perish initially but the thing you started is already stagnant because idea and knowledge are not getting updated or upgraded. Eventually if you are not upgrading it will collapse, and how you will upgrade? You will only upgrade if you have the mentality for searching things. Every successful people keep on searching, they set the goal and love the process of searching. Life will be awesome if you have the attitude of search.

The question is what should a person search? I would say anything. Because in order to live your life, you don't need any reason. You have a life that you got not because of your ability or your achievements. Everything comes after you got a life so, what we can do with our life is we can evolve ourselves. How we can evolve? Evolution through searching. When you search, you learn and learning is fun. Search for love, search for care, do some kind of searches. Let's say you want love, and you're sitting simply hoping love will come to you, then it will not happen. Start searching for it then only you will get it. The love you will receive may be unique to you, but you will only know when you start searching for it.

In conclusion, searching mentality is the key to all kind of success. The success for you may not be the one you think but if you want to know you have to start searching for it. Remember the glue of all elements for a successful life is searching attitude. Fall in love with process of search, your life will be happy. The process of search is what defines you, not the goal. For example, a drug lord can become world's richest man so do a legit businessman, which field you improvise your search defines you. Anyways search and live the life to its fullest.

Best of luck stay safe!

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