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Positivity is negativity!

Ok, ok, the title seems a bit awkward, but it's fine at the moment, You may be wondering, all these days this guy was telling positivity was everything, key of success and all, now he is telling positivity is negativity, that too with an exclamation mark! Well, in this small article we will reach to our conclusion as positivity is negativity at least for some instances.

What is positivity? It is nothing but an aura or a set of illogical algorithms that set a rhythm to our brain pattern especially for the subconscious mind that in turn give the results we're hoping to get. When you are in the right positive track, you can feel it, you can sense it, you can express it, and also you can share it. This particular state of your mindset and body is called positivity so far everything is good. The problem starts with the process of becoming positive. Yes, since I'm not writing a suspense thriller I will get to the point straight away, being positive is good but, how you become being positive state causes all the trouble.

In order to understand better we can divide the positivity into two categories. The first one is induced positivity and the second one is injected positivity. First we will talk about induced positivity, from the name itself you may understand what is induced positivity? This is the positivity or the positive aura which is attained by us through some activities such as prayer, meditation, yoga, training, coaching etc. Induced positivity can be attained by inspirations from others in life as well. Simply, induced positivity is the type of positivity that we want. Induced positivity is the type of positivity that we should feel, sense, practice and share. There is no negativity or negative elements in induced positivity.

Coming to injected positivity, this is dangerous, injected positivity is the type of positivity that will come to us from nowhere. In order to understand better lets take an example, Suppose, you met a new person, he seems nice, and you are simply having a conversation with him, by the way, he is a smoker, and you are not a smoker. I'm not going to judge any smokers here, it is just for an example. Anyway he started smoking, and he asked you, will you smoke? You said, I won't smoke, Now, in most of the cases the reply from the smoker will be, Wow! That is good mate! It is good, amazing etc. In that particular moment you felt good, from nowhere, you got a positive element injected to you. The smoker may or may not say from his heart, but it injected a positive element in you from nowhere because if you are a person who is not to get a positive vibe at that moment then instead of getting a feeling of satisfaction your mental attitude will be like, I know brother it is good, that is why I'm not taking it, if you felt it is good why can't you quit. Your brain will be rejecting that injected positivity. But in reality, you won't have that rejecting attitude internally instead you will have a feeling of positivity or satisfaction or superiority. This condition become worse when you met a hundred people like him and forty to fifty will appreciate you like this, that means you are getting a suggestion from nowhere to your subconscious mind every time. That will lead you to either a feeling of superiority over the smokers, and you eventually became a person who say, ew! You are a smoker please stay away from me kind of attitude, or you will love to see more smokers to get that feeling of superiority. Both are wrong because in the first case you became highly judgmental and in the second case you act like a stupid. I think you understand what I'm trying to say here.

The positive elements that we gather like this could have a negative impact on our lives. Smoking is just an example, it can be anything like food, cloths, your choice of color etc. What we should learn from this is not every appreciation is for your good, and you do not have to listen to every good thing that others say about you to stay positive. Real positivity will come to you when you differentiate and accept the induced positivity and rejecting the injected positivity. There are things that may be good, but we should not give our ears and there might be some stupid things from that we might be able to learn something useful. This is how positivity could become negativity, I hope this article will add some perspective to everyone.

Best of luck stay safe!

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