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Land of lost teens

I was thinking all the time about my childhood, it's fun and all. Then I just have a curiosity to observe the present children especially the new children who just become a teen or about to become a teen. I have seen a lot of difference from my own teenage, I have good feelings as well as bad feelings about it. I'm here to observe and share views about the bad feelings because if your teen was good then there is nothing to be worried about. So I decided to talk with some child psychologists and some humanitarian workers to study the changes and their severe adverse effects on the life of teens. But for an instance I thought, why should I go to a consultant to study about teens and their problems, so I dropped that plan and I have done a little survey on my friends and colleagues families, especially the kids in there. To be frank I don't want to put my survey here instead of that I clubbed the problem into three categories. So in this article, you will see why our teens get lost in their ways during the course of a life, from the following three categories. I put the categories in minimum to the maximum priority order. 1. MEDIA

We all know how the media is influenced in our present society as well as the generation. I'm not just talking about social media, I'm talking about the entire media culture. According to my survey, I came to know that the adverse effect of media on the life of a teen is very less. It seems to be unacceptable, but I would like to say it's true. Let us consider the most influenced media you may say it's Facebook, but it is not, it's Television, you just think about what will be a teen watch on television, just the program he wanted to watch at that age. Most of the present television comes up with parental locks, so the teen hardly gets to see some kind of adult content. Now move on to the internet thing, even though the teens can break almost all firewalls and broke any locks there is a lot of moderation going on, so actually teens are not much negatively affected by the internet. But the most troublesome is social media, the actual trouble with it is it doesn't show anything problematic, but we will get thousands of connections where the problem is waiting for someone. Anyway, except for the time they spend on the internet, it doesn't really hit the teen's life otherwise someone should really pathetic to play games like the blue whale. 2. Society

Society is second most responsible for the teen's life if you ask how? There is an answer if a teen when he or she first faces the society they inject him or her about the caste, politics, lifestyle, poverty, richness, etc. in a flash so actually the teens get really confused about what they are, where they come from, what are their family background they just lost. Drugs and other related things are mostly get exposed to the teen when they are in society, they have wider adverse effects. The other thing about society is the way they treat the teens on different occasions, suppose if they come up with an idea mostly society will discard him just saying you are a kid so, what I want to tell you is society degrading the teens a lot. 3. Parents

The most important reason the teens lost their way is because of their parents. There are hundreds of reasons for that, I just point out some important ones. 1. During childhood days the parents may send their children to daycare, or they may appoint a babysitter but when children become teenagers there is no one, i.e. after schooling hours mostly no one is there for teens. This may happen due to late-night office works, parties or due to any kind of ignorance, anyway interaction between parents and children is very less in present-day society. 2. Due to lack of interaction, the parents actually don't know what is required for their child, since the child in its teenage, they may need a lot of attention from parents because they are actually started to facing the world. 3. Physical changes in teenagers is drastic mostly we will teach and helps girls about their growth and change but what about boys? Most of the parents do not worried about it. so what happens is he will find other ways to get the knowledge about his own change that may not be good. 4. We all know the primary teacher of a child is their parents. We teach all the basics of life, but we may not tell the good and bad one thing i.e. sex education. The best teacher to teach about the good aspects and bad aspects of sex are their parents. Most of us won't do that rather than them, they prefer school. 5. Parental control over teens also necessary sometimes parents may need to take harsh decisions it will not help that moment but definitely come in handy in future There are several other reasons also for a teen to get lost in their way, the best way to get them back is spending time with them, listen to them, praise them and punish them only when it is highly necessary. When you teach doing positive always remember to teach not to do negative. Today's teens are tomorrow's future so respect their passion than drilling ours into them. If we all can do the better for just some years of teenage we can have a better future, so that the earth will become a land of winning teens rather than the land of lost teens.

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