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Hard work is a lie.

Life itself is an incredible job. It has targets, its ups, downs, dreams, and all other kinds of stuff. So many people in the world, as you may know, they are good at giving advice. Most often, we will hear a piece of advice such as you have to work hard to live nice. Well, we need to work but, hard work is a lie. You may feel I'm talking rubbish here. Read the entire article and do the analysis.

Let's take a scenario, a guy who wanted to become a Professor at a University, which is his dream job. He started working towards it and, people started to tell him to work hard, work hard else it is not going to happen. We don't know that is true or not. But, in his subconscious mind, it can create a negative impact because of the following reasons.

• When a person started to do, he has his expectation so, if someone starts to tell him this is hard work, his subconscious will tend to feel like there is something beyond his ability. The required effort may or may not be higher than his ability but, when someone suggests it as hard, we know hard is a negative word so, it will create negative energy and, he will feel down and, he will not feel enough for whatever the work he put. That will lead his mind, body, soul to fatigue. Sometimes the guy is not mature to adapt and understand. In that case, whatever he is doing will be hard.

• The other reason is a little more dangerous, it is easier to say work hard when each one started to say work hard, he, the listener only have one perception, and it is hard work. The people who say work hard will not say how to work hard or what exactly work hard means and, that will confuse the person who wanted to do something.

Another important aspect one should consider in the case of hard work is in most of the job or business, there will be a model, that we should follow to achieve the particular result. More precisely saying, there will be a unique path for each one to achieve the result. That is the way to do it. Whatever the work required to move along the path, he must put. Now you tell me, how can anyone say "hard work" when there is a certain amount of work is required. That is why I called hard work is a lie.

If hard work is a lie then, what we have to focus on? The answer is to do smart work. Yes, doing smart work is the first thing you have to do. How to do smart work? Good question but you should understand there is a numerous way you could improvise your smart work. The must-have requirements are:

• Read a book that is related to your work.

• Find a mentor and follow people and their work and methods that are similar to your goal.

• Keep your mindset accurate and prepared for your target.

• Pray daily and be non-judgmental.

• Gather knowledge full and not partially.

• Be open to change at the same time should not give any room to negativity.

• Find your path and follow it instead of doing everything without analyzing thoroughly.

These are some must-have elements that will make you smart in your work.

The "hard" only comes to play when you start working smartly. You start smart, do your work smartly, you will encounter challenges, unexpected events, competition, that moment, if you are smart enough, then you will be already prepared to fight hard.

In conclusion, when you signed up for the job of life, you should work smart and fight hard to achieve dreams and success.

Best of luck.

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