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Filter Effect

Life is beautiful. It was beautiful, it is beautiful and it will be beautiful. But when I gone through the life of few people including mine, there was something happening. Something unusual was happening. Suddenly, I got that realization of reality. Personally so far I'm successful in changing that unusual things which was happening in my life, this article might help you if, you also being part of that unusual thing which I'm going to explain.

First thing is what is this unusual thing? It is nothing but filters. What? Filters. Yes, filters are foe in our current generation. Even though it has so many advantages such as during shopping through online sites you may filter relevant results alone. There are some other type of filters that we use while taking beautiful and amazing creative photographs etc. So, what we could see here if, we apply filters in certain things or applications or services it is good and useful. The problem starts after applying the filter, the unusual effect will come after applying the filter. To understand what exactly it is, let's look into the application of a filter. For example you are browsing for a particular product in an e-commerce site, since there are so many search results, you will go to the menu section and apply filter. Here for example you applied low to high price range and above four star rating, most common right. Now you will get a few results again now your brain got confused you added few more filters such as colour, date of delivery etc. All these filters will lead you to get WHAT YOU WANT. The biggest advantage is it's problem it only gives what we want. Same thing goes with photographs. It is good when we apply to the things that are tangible but when it comes to life filtering is not that good.

In social media we often see beautiful pictures come up, so people tends to more photos and if we are communicating most of the people will talk representing what their filters provide, this is the same analogy can be seen sales. Our life became a marketplace to represent the filters not the real us. I'm not against social media, I love social media and I have seen very intelligent and hardworking people, content creators and influencers, the difference between ordinary people and them are, they represent what they can or what they are we cover-up what we are and put out what we want. And whenever we want something it comes at a price proving my point mentioned above. For example, an influencer will not hide his pimples instead they let us know how to cure. Ordinary people put filter and get the pimple out of the face and earn likes and comments and live in the virtual world. The disadvantage of this process of applying filter to show off our life is, when you send a message you only representing what you want kind of vibe, you didn't know whether the receiver is receiving the correct message or not. So, actual communication is not happening. Eventually our mental attitude changes due to conditioning of filters, thereby we only speak what sounds good not right thing. From small things to big life events, the current generation are putting this filter. When somebody ask about job you filter out all the good stuff and bad stuff then give a result what you wanted to give. This effect is happening all around the world irrespective of gender and age. All these filtering is started when people got satisfaction virtually far away from reality. It is sad to say even social media plays a greater role in conditioning human brain into this unusual thing. Eventually people will only have filters to represent an instance, no morality, no ethics, no logic will be there if we are not taking this seriously.

What could we do? The best thing we could is to be honest. Honesty is always the best policy. Be truthful to yourself. Do not feel guilty or shy to represent what you are eventually it will help you to become what you want. Do not lie others by putting filters.

In conclusion, we understood the disaster which is waiting for us due to this unusual thing and also we learnt that honesty is the best way to tackle it.

Best of luck.

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