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Everybody can be happy!!!

Well, well, well, we all had our happiest moments as well as the saddest moments in our life. Some moments we often remember others not. The point is in our life we all experienced the happiness and sadness. When we were children, we would always show fake sadness towards our parents to get the toy we want, for the chocolate we want etc. When we grow up our thinking changes, our need changes. In our teenage we might show the sad face to get different things, surely not for a toy. In our adulthood the commitment changes, requirement changes so do the expressions of sadness also changes. If we look into our life little deep, what we could see? We could see few things there. Firstly, our life is filled with emotions. There is not even a single second which void, if there is no happiness there will be sadness and vice versa. Secondly, we often search for happiness because we are sad not because we want happiness. For example, if you have a massive debt obviously you will be tensed and sad if the things are not going in the way you thought, and here, before you had the massive debt you might have happiness but how much you enjoyed it? How much you valued that time? Did you even know you had happiness in your life that time? Most of the people don't. Only when you are sad you will start to search for the most important thing in your life, that is happiness. Whatever the job we do, people we met, or whatever the things we do in our life is to stay happy and if possible make others also happy, but the problem is we only search for happiness if we are sad. I personally did not understand why it is like that? We buy new cloths just because we want it not because we need it, we buy new phone just replace the old one but for getting happiness, we need to become sad first and that is wrong. Third, our attitude, most of us have an attitude that happiness is something that should be gifted by someone else, or sometimes we may have a thought like this unless and until a particular thing is done I won't be happy. Fundamentally that sort of attitude will not bring happiness to anyone's life. So, Happiness is not a gift, happiness is not something we should look only when we are sad. Then what is happiness? Before answering that question we should understand one thing about pain. Pain is something which is very complex and constant. If we took a scale of 1 to 10 for almost everyone will put 5 or 7 but the circumstances and situations varies at large. The situation I find painful may not be as painful for you and vice-versa. So pain plays an important role in our happiness. Now coming back to our question what is happiness? Happiness is life. According to what I have learned happiness is synonymous to life. Happiness is the reason why we all have life. How to live that life? It is not by searching for it instead by controlling and suppressing and handling our pain effectively.

If you are not sure how to be happy all the time, you may start doing a few basic things. As I always say read books doesn't matter its fiction or non-fiction, whatever just read. It will open up new perceptions that will help you to live a good life and help you counter your pain. You should treat pain as cloths if you are not required also you should grab it. Things should not control your happiness, traffic block should not control your happiness, your happiness has only one control your life. From the world's the richest person to the poorest one have seen problems but being sad because if it is neither a solution nor excuse so, keep your life within your life and make it happy forever. Help others and make them happy as well, as we are aware of positive attracts positive. Take out your fear from your body and soul through scientific prayers. Happiness will come to you gradually. Being happy is the best medicine, to all diseases, being happy is the doorway to all successes. You will not become happy after become successful, you will become successful when you are happy. If you are sad all time how will you use the tools available at your deposition for success, you will be crib cry about everything. So, being happy is life, if you are alive you should be happy other circumstances are inevitable. You may do mental exercises, physical exercises to keep yourself clean internally. The most important thing is you should do what you love to do but in order to do you should understand that happiness is life not the effect of the result of your activities, circumstances and situations.

In conclusion, everyone can be happy irrespective of our physical state and surroundings but what we don't understand is apart from the biological meaning of life, life is also called happiness. It is not a state or emotion it is you.

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