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Don't miss the equation of life's math

We all know how to calculate, addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, any complex problem given to us will be finished within a few minutes. We are good at mathematics. Personally, I'm not so good with mathematics even though I love it. Math is important in our life, every move in our life are based on calculations. Our business, job, education, even choosing of our friends are based on a set of internal calculations. But often we fail in so many things we do, Why? There are few reasons which usually causes failure, if one could understand and accept it then the impact of failure can be reduced moreover in future the failure can be avoided. Here I would like to explain about the biggest yet basic mistake we make in our calculation which causes troubles in our life eventually leads to more severe troubles and problems.

The equation is simple, I will try to explain it through an example. Suppose you are stuck in your business, you don't know what to do, literally you are helpless right now. So, obviously you need help. You will seek help to get out of the situation you are in. consider you got help now, somebody helped you, and you are out of the trouble now. Now most of the people think, once you got help, it is enough to move forward and even help others and that is not true. You got help when you are helpless, you got the required help, now from that experience you should move into the next state such as helpful. If you are not becoming helpful, next time when you stuck you cannot help yourself, you cannot help others. So, the thing is you should follow the below given equation to become perfect in your calculation.

Don't have something »»» Got something »»» Full of Something

Eg:- Helpless »»» Got Help »»» Helpful

Once you got help you must be helpful to yourself and for others otherwise life will fail you again and again.

In certain context the reverse of the process need to be applied. For example,

Fearful »»» Fear »»» Fearless

You wanted to achieve something initially you will move from fearful to fear state but are you moving to fearless state, that you assess yourself.

Lastly, one more context we need to look into regarding the process that is ethics. Depends on ethics and morality we could use the equation in both ways. For example, To become a powerful soldier you must be: Fearful »»» Fear »»» Fearless but to become a good follower of God you must be Fearless »»» Fear »»» Fearful.

On conclusion, most of the people either give up in the first position itself or do all the hard work and end up in the second step, but I suggest you to take a step further and move yourself to the third step in order to b e full in your life without any regrets.

Best of Luck.

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