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Coin: Medicine to your worries

Life is a wonderful phenomenon, no matter how much knowledge we gather, how much we learn, how scientifically we tried to prove things, life mesmerize us with its amazing illogical but ethical aura of love, power and care. Even though life has so much to offer, humans always find a way to be in a state of worry. Even if we look into our life, we have been worried so many occasions where being worried is the most unusual attitude to display. There were lives where they know being worried didn't make sense, but still worried. Even if we look into bible or any other holy books, God always inform us not to be in a state of worry. You may have pain, unbearable pain, but God informed us not to worry. People like us don't listen or understand any of these, and makes life as complex as possible. That's why I thought of understanding life or make life, and it's amazing properties with a simple thing because life all about being simple. You may wonder what is that thing, is it a magic wand? Hell no! The thing is nothing but a coin. Yes, a simple coin. You may ask why coin? It doesn't make any sense. Well for me coin makes a lot of sense you know.

Let's talk about coin. What is the importance of a coin? Every coin in the world has two different faces and there will be a thin line which separates the two line, right? It is universal, if you go to any country, state or any place it remains the same. Now this coin can answer a lot of question that will help you to ease out your mind eventually helps you to be in a state of no worries or very less worry. Let's talk about each important phenomenon in life.


Love is the most important thing in life. Without love, your life is nothing but a void.

Now consider the love of a couple. If you have all the same taste, you will not have any diversity in it. You both do the same thing, both have same problems, both have same solutions and may be both have no solutions. The funny part, you don't even understand whether you have love each other or not. But if you have different taste, then there is diversity, your problems will have solutions and more importantly your love will form the thin line and hold both of you together. You can see the deepness of your love. So if you're facing any issues, or you are feeling that you both are different, then that is the best thing. Because difference brings experience, knowledge, diversity and happiness, so do not worry.


Our life's upward and downward movement depends on the decisions we make. Every

supportive decision comes with oppose as well because nobody accepts a coin with one face. Our decision is in between the two faces of support and oppose. So in your life, if you want to pursue something please do not worry about opposing comments also do not get carried away by supportive comments. Make you your decision by analyzing and holding both together for greater good.


You need friends that guides you and say yes to your actions, and also you need friends who say no when the things are going in the wrong direction. There are also your friends has to be of two types just like a coin and your friendship should evolve in between and hold each together otherwise you will not get a mentoring. Mentoring via friends is very important because whatever the age category you are, you always feel more comfortable to open up towards a friend instead of a coach. So next time if any of your friends not supportive to your actions don't be worried and don't hate him, maybe he is trying to say something different for your own good.


In your job also there are two faces just like the coin, if everything you do is easy and the thing you know then you will not grow. Challenges is a part of growth, it's the part of evolution. May be something like an employee to a business owner. Your career is the thin line holding both together, so don't be worried about trouble, you are getting better in all senses.

Well these are few examples, I just wanted to show to you, so that you will understand what exactly I'm trying to say, and my article length will increase, just kidding! Take any occasion in your life, it always has these two faces, and you are the thin line holding it together. It is happening because it is you. And if you sensible, you don't have to worry about yourself thinking about you. It doesn't make any sense. So stop worrying and enjoy the life. When you are worried think about a coin, and it's two faces and the thin line, relate it, ease your worry and enjoy each and every moment.

Best of luck

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