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Atomic Habits by James clear- Review

What is an atom? An atom is the smallest unit of ordinary matter that forms a chemical element. Every solid, liquid, gas, and plasma is composed of neutral or ionized atoms. This is the definition given by google. You know what, it is true not only in the case of matter but also in our habits. This knowledge was given by an amazing author James clear in his wonderful book Atomic habits. This book is so good that systematically explain how to create a habit, replace a habit, organize a habit and, it doesn't stop there it will help us, guide us until the change become our identity. The fun fact is there is nothing extraordinary to do for achieving this.

The book is written in easily understandable language with enough examples and stories, also the author tried to explain all the technicalities involved in our habitual and behavioral changes. This is the best book to have if you are suffering due to you any stupid habit or addiction.

Few Key points to note.

• The book is divided into parts that will help us to complete in an organized manner.

• Summary is provided at the end of chapter, tables are also provided that is really helpful.

• Easily understandable language anyone can read and understand.

• Open our mind to get more organized and help us to approach the scenario in a timely manner not only in the case habits but also in any goals.

• Psychological perception is good and helpful.

• Can be useful irrespective of age group.

• This book will teach us how much time we spend unused if we follow the method.

• Nothing extraordinary that is amazing.

Personally I recommend reading it and, for me finishing 2 chapters on one sitting and applying it on the very next moment onwards found useful.

I hope this book will get added value to your life.

Best of luck.

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